German company builds recycling plants in Italy

Circular economy

Italy STADLER, a German company, has been hired by GAIA and Iren Ambiente to design and build two recycling plants in Asti and Parma, Italy.

The €10 million plant at the Asti Waste Treatment Centre will sort plastic and metal packaging from different waste collections. It has a feeding and pre-sorting section, a mechanical and optical sorting line, and a storage and baling line, among other advanced technologies.

The plant will process 50,000 metric tons of plastic and metal packaging per year from the Asti basin, the Iren Group, Val d’Aosta, and other customers. Transparent, colored, and light blue polyethylene terephthalate (PET), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polypropylene will be among the materials produced (PP).

The second sorting plant, which is in Parma, is for plastic, paper, and cardboard. It is currently under construction and should be finished soon. PET, HDPE, and PP bottles, PE and PP films, bulky plastics, mixed plastic packaging, and non-ferrous and ferrous metals can all be processed on the plant’s 9t/h plastic sorting line. It also has a 20-tonne-per-hour paper sorting line that processes cardboard, mixed paper, and deinking.