Dow and Haldor Topsoe to turn waste plastics into circular plastics

Circular economy

The NetherlandsTopsoe will assist Dow in attaining its 2030 circularity ambitions, including Dow’s goal of collecting, reusing, or recycling 1 million metric tons of plastic through direct actions and collaborations.

The advancement of the circular economy for plastics leverages the environmental benefits that plastics deliver across the value chain in a more carbon-efficient manner. The construction of a market development purification unit will aid in the resolution of a critical obstacle in the closure of the waste plastics loop.

Dow and Topsoe have reached an agreement in the first step to use lab-scale capabilities to support the design and engineering of the new 10,000 ton per year market development unit (MDU) that will be built at Dow’s location in Terneuzen, the Netherlands.

Dow’s new purification MDU aims to validate the technology for producing circular products while also accelerating the scale required to fulfill significant market demand for circular polyethylene.

PureStep removes contaminants from liquified feedstock using Topsoe’s hydroprocessing technology. This means that new polymers can now be made from low-grade mixed trash, such as tires, municipal solid waste, and PVC-containing items.