Carnival and Wärtsilä to reduce marine plastic use

Circular economy

Finland – Wärtsilä and Carnival Corporation collaborated on a pilot project to cut back on the use of plastic in marine operations.

By avoiding plastics from damaging the environment and lowering CO2 emissions because plastics are made from fossil fuels, the project aims to increase maritime sustainability. In response to this trial, Wärtsilä Global Logistics Services is in the process of modifying the packaging of its spare parts in order to reduce the quantity of plastic used by about 40%.

Environmentally friendly packaging

The Carnival Freedom and the Carnival Splendor, two ships of the Carnival Cruise Line, were used to complete the project. Instead of utilizing plastic, it called for the adoption of more intelligent packaging materials for replacement parts, especially recycled paper packaging materials.

The quality of the environmentally friendly packaging stayed at the same level as when plastic was first employed, despite the hard sea freight and humid conditions. The campaign led to a significant decrease in the use of plastic bags as well as a reduction in the weight of the shipments. For deliveries to Wärtsilä customers in the marine and energy industries, the new packaging will be used.

Wärtsilä and Carnival have been partners for a long time, and both organizations have stated their commitment to creating more environmentally friendly shipping methods.