APK AG achieves fully decolourized plastic recyclates

Circular economy

Germany Using its Newcycling-technology, APK AG was able to obtain pure plastic recyclates from mixed consumer waste.

“2021 was a milestone year for APK AG. We were able to prove that our Newcycling-technology can successfully recycle household plastic waste, and do so on an industrial scale. We were able to fully achieve the ambitious goals we had set for scaling and decolourisation”, declares Klaus Wohnig, CEO of APK AG.

APK launched an industrial-scale production campaign at its Merseburg recycling plant over the course of 2021. Film waste from household collections was used as an input material for the “post-consumer Newcycling campaign.”. In terms of problem-free processing, yield, and recyclate mechanical values, the first phase produced excellent results.

The process parameters were fine-tuned in an intermediate laboratory phase in order to achieve decolorization. In November 2021, the development team successfully implemented the new parameters in the second phase of the campaign.