Alupro brings up efforts to increase recycling rates

Circular economy

UK – Alupro, a company that recycles aluminum packaging, has started the “UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative” in an effort to raise recycling rates in the UK and increase public knowledge of and interest in recycling aerosols.

AerosolsAlupro hopes to secure the feasibility and recycling of metal aerosols “in a post-extended producer responsibility (EPR) and post-deposit return scheme (DRS) scenario” with the initiative.

The organization expresses optimism that aerosol will play a major role in recycling behavior because metal can be recycled indefinitely without losing any quality.

The initiative

Ball Aerosol Packaging, the British Aerosol Manufacturers Association (BAMA), Ecosurety, The Materials Processing Institute, Suez Recycling, and Recovery UK, and Tandom Metallurgical Group Ltd. are just a few of the working group partners that will be included in the cross-industry project.

To inform consumers about best practices for recycling, to develop a baseline recycling rate and a roadmap for raising future rates for aerosol recycling in the UK, and to look for a safe, long-term investment in recycling infrastructure, a “three-phase strategy” will be launched.

In order to determine the baseline recycling rate for aerosols in the UK, Alupro did sampling work alongside independent environmental consultant Resource Futures this year. Only 46% of aerosols are appropriately separated for recycling by customers, despite the fact that 95% of authorities provide kerbside aerosol recycling.

Alupro previously ran a test consumer interaction campaign called “The Lonely Aerosol” to entice customers to recycle empty aerosol cans.

The project’s long-term goal is to produce a roadmap for a tactical strategy to increase UK aerosol recycling rates, including the creation of new consumer resources.

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