Plastic Energy to build advanced recycling plant in France


France Plastic Energy has announced the final investment decision and the start of work on its advanced recycling plant in northern France.

The large-scale recycling plant, which will be adjacent to ExxonMobil’s Notre Dame de Gravenchon petrochemical complex, will have a capacity of 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year, with ambitions to scale up to 33,000 tonnes in the near future.

The FID declaration and start of civil works follow the grant of environmental licenses for the project in July 2021. These licences guarantee that the Plastic Energy facility will comply with all European environmental requirements from building to operation.

Plastic Energy struck an offtake partnership deal with ExxonMobil earlier this year. ExxonMobil will employ TACOIL (or recycled oils) from this Plastic Energy plant to generate virgin-quality certified circular polymers and other high-value goods, according to the agreement. The advanced recycling plant is scheduled to open in 2023.

The building of this factory will aid France’s circular economy by diverting plastic trash from linear treatments and minimizing both plastic waste in the environment and natural resource depletion. The French government provided financial funding for this initiative as part of their Plan de Relance and Regional Planning Grant Scheme.