The German recycling industry needs energy subsidies from govt


The German recycling associations Federal Association of German Steel Recycling, Federal Association of Waste Disposal, Association of German Metal Dealers and Recyclers, Federation of the German Waste, Water and Raw Materials Management, and Association of German Metal Dealers and Recyclers have issued a joint statement requesting that their industry be once again added to the list of eligible economic sectors.

The German recycling industry faces challenges as a result of the energy crisis brought on by the recent political developments, according to the joint statement, which also notes that the sector is no longer eligible for energy subsidies under the government’s current energy assistance policies.

The groups explained that the recycling business is energy-intensive because it guarantees that energy-saving recycling raw materials are accessible through the collection, sorting, and processing.

As a result, the groups demand that the German government add the recycling sector once more to the list of industries that qualify for state help and make sure that it receives the proper financial opportunities.