Waste to energy plant installs carbon capture


DenmarkIn cooperation with Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Pentair Union Engineering has installed the first carbon capture pilot plant at Amager Bakke, a world-renowned waste-to-energy plant located in Copenhagen.

The carbon capture pilot plant, commissioned by Amager Ressourcecenter (ARC) , is the first of its kind at Amager Bakke. It is a crucial step on the way to making Copenhagen the first carbon-neutral capital in the world. ARC is now one step closer to realizing its goal to eliminate 500.000 t/y of CO2 by 2025.

Capture technology

The capture plants from Union Engineering are based on high concentrated monoethanolamine (MEA). MEA is a primary amine that reacts readily with carbon dioxide. Once the carbon dioxide is captured in the MEA solution, it is transferred to a stripping system. Here it is again released from the MEA solution by increasing the temperature to a point where the chemical reaction that took place in the absorber is reversed.

Having started as a gas with a low concentration of carbon dioxide, the gas being released from the stripper is now a highly concentrated stream containing roughly 99% pure carbon dioxide. This stream can either be used directly in gaseous form or be further purified and liquefied to meet the strictest requirements.

The purification column is the final purification step, consisting of a distillation column, which enables separation/blow-off of non-condensable gasses, reducing the O2 content in the final product to max 5 ppm (v/v) and obtaining CO2 purity of min. 99.99% (v/v).

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