VTT and Neste building e-fuels demonstration facility

CCUS Hydrogen

Finland – The Business Finland-funded Veturi E-fuel research project developed high temperature electrolysis, CO2 capture, and hydrocarbon synthesis technologies, and the integrated technology is now prepared for use.

At the VTT Bioruukki Pilot Centre in Espoo, VTT and Neste have decided to construct a technology demonstration facility. The first changes to the research infrastructure at VTT Bioruukki marked the beginning of the work. Electrolysis, CO2 capture, and synthesis units housed in sea containers will be linked to the VTT Bioruukki research infrastructure during 2022 and early 2023. The pilot runs for the E-fuel project are anticipated to be finished in 2023. Building the infrastructure for Power-to-Liquids production helps Neste and VTT’s collaboration in the development of e-fuel production from pilot to commercial scale.

Technology demonstration

The technology demonstration will use fuel synthesis based on Fischer-Tropsch technology, highly efficient high-temperature electrolysis to produce hydrogen, and CO2 capture from flue gas. Finnish project partners Kleener Power Solutions Oy, Carbonreuse Finland Oy, Convion Oy, and Elcogen Oy, respectively, offer the CO2 capture and electrolysis solutions. VTT will supply the technology and fuel synthesis unit, and Neste will upgrade the synthetic crude oil into fuel products that meet the requirements. In addition to receiving at least 300 kg of synthetic crude oil for the development of synthetic fuel processing, Neste anticipates a successful integrated demonstration of technologies.