TETRA and CarbonFree advance CCUS technology

TETRA and CarbonFree advance CCUS technology


United StatesTETRA Technologies has joined forces with CarbonFree to advance the commercialization of SkyCycle, a carbon mineralization technology.

CarbonFree’s SkyCycle is a second-generation carbon mineralization technology that uses calcium chloride as a key part of the conversion chemistry. The companies plan to use each other’s technical expertise, chemistry know-how and production. Their supply chain networks jointly advance the commercialization of SkyCycle.

Advancing technology

During the one-year Memorandum of Understanding period, both companies will work towards a definitive agreement that might include investments by TETRA into CarbonFree, a joint venture, or other commercial arrangements that will leverage each company’s strength to advance this market-leading technology.

Brady Murphy, TETRA’s president and chief executive officer said, “Because SkyCycle produces a high quality, commercial mineral from CO2 emissions, we believe there are many cost and commercial advantages to this technology.”


CarbonFree’s SkyCycle provides a comprehensive CCUS solution that addresses the high cost of transportation and infrastructure. SkyCycle technology has a very low penalty, resulting in a carbon negative impact.