Standard Lithium starts Arkansas carbon capture project


United States/Canada/Norway – Standard Lithium Ltd., a lithium technology and project development business, announced the launch of a pilot project in southern Arkansas to evaluate a revolutionary carbon capture method.

Collaboration with Norwegians

The pilot project will be conducted in collaboration with the technology’s owner, Aqualung Carbon Capture AS, and will be installed at Mission Creek Resources LLC’s natural gas processing facility in southern Arkansas.

Standard Lithium’s ongoing activities set the standard for sustainability and circular economy advancements in the sector. Standard intends to advance its science-based strategy for sustainable development and continual improvement at its Arkansas lithium projects by supporting this initiative.

Commitment to CO2 reduction

The Company is committed to reducing all CO2 emissions associated with future operations and supply chain activities. The Company has discovered various locations in which CO2-rich gas streams could be used to optimize its process, reduce reagent costs, and perhaps sequester CO2.

Aqualung, a Norwegian technology business, is the sole licensee of the patent-protected technology, which was developed by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is the culmination of more than two decades of NTNU research into gas separation membranes.

Technology piloted in Europe

The method is based on a membrane system that harvests CO2 selectively from a variety of CO2 sources, including those generated by hydrocarbon-burning energy sources. It generates a stream of high purity CO2 gas that can be sequestered or reused. The technology has been successfully piloted in Europe, where it has been demonstrated to extract CO2 from carbon gas streams with high efficiency.

The pilot project, which will be housed at Mission Creek’s Dorcheat Macedonia facility, will process a slipstream of flue gas using the Aqualung pilot unit.

The concentrated CO2 stream generated will be used in Standard Lithium’s ongoing research and development work to examine the use of CO2 sourced in southern Arkansas for process and reagent optimization.

Manufacturing of the pilot unit is projected to commence in Q4 2021, with installation at the project site scheduled for Q1/2 2022, pending permitting and finalization of other agreements.