​Shearwater joins UK’s Endurance CCUS project


United Kingdom – bp has awarded Shearwater GeoServices a contract for geophysical data processing and imaging on behalf of the Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP) to advance the East Coast Cluster CCUS project.

The NEP supports the East Coast Cluster by providing the necessary infrastructure to transport CO2 from Humber and Teesside emitters. The CO2 will then be safely stored offshore in the North Sea at the Endurance carbon store. The National Energy Partnership (NEP) is a collaboration between BP, National Grid Ventures, Equinor, Shell, and TotalEnergies.

The seismic data processing and imaging activity will be carried out by geophysical experts at Shearwater’s UK Processing & Imaging center over an eight-month period. Advanced algorithms, tests, and analyses will be applied to multisensor geophysical data to create a dataset that will allow NEP to characterize subsurface structures with potential for carbon storage. In carbon storage projects, geophysical surveys are used to survey and monitor the subsurface geology to ensure long-term storage security.

Cluster sequencing

The project will be carried out using Shearwater’s Reveal software and the Monsoon digital cloud program, with extensive collaboration between bp and Shearwater personnel throughout. Following a successful bid in Phase 1 of the UK Government’s CCUS cluster sequencing process in October 2021, the East Coast Cluster was named as one of the UK’s first CCUS clusters.

The East Coast Cluster’s 25 projects were shortlisted for evaluation in Phase 2 of the cluster sequencing process in March 2022. The projects, which included power, industrial carbon capture (ICC), and hydrogen, were found to be eligible. The projects will now be assessed, with a report on successful bids due in July 2022.