RWE and Harbour Energy explore CCS options in UK


United Kingdom – RWE has formed a development cooperation with Harbour Energy to explore options for capturing, transporting, and storing CO2 from RWE’s gas-fired power plants using Viking CCS (previously V Net Zero), Harbour Energy’s CO2 transport and storage network.

In order to supply decarbonized, dependable, and dispatchable power stations that are close to the projected CO2 networks or have access to shipping facilities like Viking CCS, RWE is considering carbon capture as a feasible alternative.

The projects under development are a new build H Class CCGT at a RWE owned site on the Humber and a refit of carbon capture equipment at the 1.7GW Staythorpe CCGT, close to Newark.


The collaboration might result in the delivery and storage of CO2 from these sites that has been captured. Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal’s previous location would receive the CO2 that was gathered. After that, it would be moved 140 kilometers to Harbour Energy’s depleted Viking gas reserves in the North Sea, located 9,000 feet below the surface of the water, for safe, long-term storage.