Rotoboost pre-combustion carbon capture tech gets LR approval


Norway – Rotoboost has received Approval in Principle (AiP) from Lloyd’s Register (LR) for its pre-combustion Carbon Capture System (CCS) Rotobox.

Onboard marine boats, Rotobox employs the thermocatalytic decomposition process (TCD), in which a portion of the natural gas fuel supply is transformed into hydrogen and graphite using a liquid catalyst.

By creating hydrogen while trapping carbon in its solid form, the TCD process greatly reduces CO2 emissions, particulate matter, and methane slip. Depending on the heating method utilized, Rotobox has the potential to cut overall carbon emissions by up to 100%. Hydrogen generated from CCS can be utilized in fuel cells or as a blend-in fuel for combustion engines or gas-fired boilers.

Easily expandable

Rotoboost’s technology is easily expandable to meet future emission restrictions, with lower electrical power requirements than traditional carbon capture systems and less storage space required for solid carbon, allowing the system and accompanying storage to remain compact even during extended trips. The system is particularly suited to LNG carriers and other LNG-fueled vessels, providing shipowners with an extra option for decarbonizing.

The AiP recognizes Rotoboost’s CCS system as meeting LR’s goal-based and detailed prescriptive standards, a significant step forward in the evolution of carbon capture technology.

Wim Raaijen
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