Novozymes, Saipem develop new solutions for enzymatic carbon capture


Denmark Biotechnology company Novozymes and Saipem, an advanced platform for safe and sustainable complex infrastructure and plants, have signed a collaboration agreement to develop new solutions for enzymatic carbon capture.

With the agreement, Saipem, which owns an enzyme-based CO2 capture technology that will provide process, mechanical and equipment design while Novozymes will provide enzymes and further optimize the process through enzymes innovation, will be responsible for providing enzymes.

In terms of environmental impact and cost-effectiveness, enzymatic carbon capture is superior to traditional CO2 capture methods. In fact, it is based on the use of enzymes that require lower temperatures and a significantly moderate use of chemicals, energy, and, as a result, reduces the amount of harmful waste that is generated. Furthermore, the carbonates and enzymes, which are low-corrosion materials, help to keep equipment in good condition.

As a first step toward developing innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Saipem and Novozymes have signed an agreement. Enzymatic carbon capture can now compete directly with traditional amine processes thanks to Saipem’s expertise in CO2 capture and storage technologies and Novozymes’ cutting-edge enzyme solutions.