New screening study from CGG for CO2 storage in UK and Norway


United Kingdom/Norway CGG has released a new GeoVerseTM Carbon Storage screening study to assist CCUS operators in identifying suitable CO2 storage sites as quickly as possible.

This Northern North Sea study, which is available for licensing, provides an in-depth review of potential CO2 storage plays in a region spanning CGG’s North Viking Graben 3D seismic dataset and encompassing areas in both UK and Norwegian waters.

Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, CGG, said: “Our GeoVerse Carbon Storage screening study is part of a new suite of products that will support the energy transition through capitalizing on CGG’s wealth of geoscience know-how and data science expertise, which includes over 130 geothermal projects and support for the Sleipner, Troll, Weyburn, Pembina and Gorgon CCUS projects.”

The GeoVerse Carbon Storage screening study, which leverages CGG’s unique well, seismic, and interpretation products, employs a proprietary play-scale screening methodology developed by CGG’s CCUS experts and data scientists to identify and de-risk potential carbon storage sites. The resulting Storage Play Quality Index maps are delivered via the GeoVerse platform and contain critical information for assessing capacity, injectivity, and containment at the play scale.