New partnership to store CO2 from UK’s West Burton power station


United Kingdom – West Burton Energy, situated in Nottinghamshire, has partnered with Harbour Energy’s CO2 capture, transport, and storage network, Viking CCS, to absorb, transport, and permanently store CO2 emissions from the West Burton B power station.

A combined cycle gas turbine plant called West Burton B has a total energy production of 1,333 megawatts, including 49 megawatts of battery storage.

The necessary engineering design to connect West Burton B to the large-capacity Viking CCS storage installations situated deep beneath the Southern North Sea has just just been started by Harbour Energy and West Burton Energy.

Stranded emissions

By 2030, Viking CCS hopes to reduce UK emissions by 10 million tonnes annually; the first capture could happen as early as 2027. By creating an additional pipeline-based network that connects significant polluters to Viking CCS’s transport and storage network, the project will also be essential in resolving the problem of stranded emissions from UK companies and industrial clusters.

Wim Raaijen
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