New battery energy storage system introduced


Switzerland Leclanché has introduced a new concept in battery energy storage systems featuring a reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Introducing LeBlock, a series of interchangeable five-foot wide blocks which interlock to allow for shipping as a standard 20-foot ISO container and serve as the heavy-duty enclosure for the installed system. The blocks are manufactured in two varieties: BatteryBlock and CombiBlock.

Blocks can be easily moved from a boat to a truck for simplified transportation and installation on a slab/pad by crane. Since the blocks are shipped with the batteries in-place and wiring/connectors pre-installed, there is no site-specific cabling required.

Storage as service

Blocks offers the possibility for use in a storage as a service approach, where the blocks are transported and relocated depending on the real need, such as for EV charging stations that need higher power than the existing grid connection.

“LeBlock is designed to assist utility and energy project managers seeking a less complex, reliable and cost-effective solution to replace or increase the reliability of the grid while helping to reduce carbon footprint and the impact of power generation on the environment,” said Anil Srivastava, CEO, Leclanché.

System Safety

LeBlock has been designed from its earliest concept stage with the highest demands of safety at both a system level as well as for its operators. Recent industry wide fire incidents emphasize the need for the safe and smart design of battery enclosures. LeBlock’s partitioned architecture mitigates a potential fire risk.

The combination of plug and play interconnection, simplified logistics, minimal required engineering and fast installation on-site translates up to 40% time and cost savings and a lower total cost of ownership.