Heidelberg Materials and Linde create large-scale CCU facility at cement plant


Germany – Heidelberg Materials, and Linde have entered into a contract to jointly construct, own, and run a sizable carbon capture and liquefaction project.

An estimated 7% of the world’s carbon emissions are attributed to carbon dioxide (CO2), a byproduct of the manufacture of cement.

Lengfurt factory

Linde and Heidelberg Materials seek to deploy carbon capture to lower carbon emissions at Heidelberg’s Lengfurt factory in Germany. Over 70,000 tonnes of CO2 will be captured, liquefied, and purified annually at the new facility; the majority of the liquid CO2 produced will be sold by Linde as feedstock for the chemicals and food and beverage end markets.

Sean Durbin, Executive Vice President EMEA, Linde said, “Our innovative project with Heidelberg Materials is one of the first large-scale plants of its kind for the cement industry. Considering current market constraints, it is also a welcome new source of CO₂ that will help ensure supply for the merchant market.”