Carbon Capture

Green Plains partners with Summit on carbon capture


USAGreen Plains has reported that three of its biorefineries have entered into a long-term carbon offtake arrangement with Summit Carbon Solutions (SCS), a subsidiary of the Summit Agricultural Group.

SCS also announced a carbon capture and sequestration plan that will create a system for transporting CO2 from Iowa to North Dakota for geological storage. Capturing and storing carbon is commonly regarded as a vital technology for lowering greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change.

Carbon footprint reduction

With this announcement, biorefineries connected to the pipeline will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their biofuels. In addition, Green Plains’ Ultra-High Protein, renewable corn oil and other organic goods can become real low-carbon ingredients for aquaculture, pet food, dairy and poultry companies and low-carbon feedstock for renewable diesel.

Green Plains will initially connect the biorefineries in Fairmont, Minnesota, Fergus Falls, Minnesota and Superior, Iowa, and will be able to extend to new locations as the pipeline network expands. Once completed, SCS is projected to have facilities capable of storing and sequestering 10 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to removing more than two million vehicles from the road per year.


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