Eni UK signs 19 MoUs for HyNet carbon capture and storage

Eni UK signs 19 MoUs for HyNet carbon capture and storage


United Kingdom – As part of the HyNet North West project, Eni UK has signed 19 Memorandums of Understanding with companies interested in having their emissions captured, transported, and stored in Eni UK’s depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Eni UK signed six of these agreements in January 2022 alone, demonstrating the high level of interest shown by UK industry in the HyNet project’s decarbonization potential.

The HyNet North West project will turn one of the UK’s most energy-intensive industrial districts into the world’s first low-carbon industrial cluster once it is fully operational. The project will support the UK’s decarbonization efforts by contributing 100% of the 10 million tons per year of CO2 storage capacity and 80% of the 5GW of low-carbon hydrogen generation capacity set by the UK government for 2030.

The agreements signed so far cover difficult-to-abate sectors and will be critical in enabling decarbonization initiatives in the North West of England and North Wales industrial clusters.

Priority project

Eni UK was awarded a CO2 appraisal and storage license in Liverpool Bay in October 2020 to develop a CO2 storage site, and the UK Government selected the HyNet North West Cluster as one of two priority projects out of five competing in the CCUS Cluster Sequencing Process in October 2021.

Eni UK has also recently signed agreements with Cory, Uniper, and the Cavendish Project to evaluate additional storage solutions for decarbonizing the UK’s industrial clusters. Eni UK currently operates the Liverpool Bay facilities in the East Irish Sea, as well as the depleted Hewett gas field, which is currently being decommissioned 19 miles off the Norfolk coast.

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