Elkem tests world’s first carbon capture pilot for smelters in Norway


Norway Elkem, a global leader in silicon-based innovative materials, will put the world’s first carbon capture pilot for silicon smelters to the test at its Rana, Norway, factory.

Gassnova CLIMIT provided financial support for the initiative, which is a follow-up to the company’s newly released climate strategy to reduce emissions to net zero while increasing supplies for the green transition. Elkem and Mo Industripark, SINTEF, Alcoa, Celsa, Ferroglobe, SMA Mineral, Norcem, Norfrakalk, Arctic Cluster Team, and Aker Carbon Capture are collaborating on the carbon capture pilot.

The test machine will be put at Elkem’s Rana facility, which manufactures high quality ferrosilicon and microsilica. Furthermore, SMA Mineral emissions will progressively enter the treatment plant. The test unit, which is the only one of its sort in Norway, is provided by Aker Carbon Capture.

Gassnova SF, a state enterprise, is funding the initiative through the CLIMIT-Demo program. CLIMIT is Norway’s national program for CO2 capture and storage technology research, development, and demonstration. The project’s major purpose is to test the technique on genuine industrial exhaust gases from smelters in order to develop a full-scale unit for industrial carbon capture. The program lasts two years.

Elkem has conducted a feasibility assessment for the construction of carbon capture and storage as part of its drive toward carbon-neutral materials production (CCS). The study’s goal was to determine the technical and economic viability of implementing carbon capture at its Norwegian operations in Bjlvefossen, Bremanger, Rana, Salten, and Thamshavn.

Mo Industrial Park will be the project owner, while SINTEF will play a key role in program management. The project has a total budget of NOK 23.6 million, of which Gassnova CLIMIT will provide 13.8 million and the rest will be covered by the industry.

Wim Raaijen
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