Chevron, JERA partner on low-carbon solutions in US and Asia Pacific

CCUS Hydrogen Sustainable energy

United States – Chevron and JERA are partnering on a variety of low-carbon prospects in the United States and Asia Pacific, including production, carbon capture, usage, and storage, and new technology initiatives.

The businesses will carry out a feasibility study that is anticipated to be finished in 2023 as part of their joint study agreement to investigate the possibility of co-developing lower carbon fuel in Australia. Chevron’s expertise in LNG and CCS would be used to help the region create lower carbon fuel supply.

Exploring hydrogen opportunities

Chevron and JERA will research liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) in the United States as part of their focus across the hydrogen value chain, which includes production, export, and transportation. By essentially employing hydrogen as a battery to offer reduced carbon energy on demand, LOHC has the potential to enable efficient hydrogen transport and long-term energy storage applications. Chevron and JERA both invested in Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies as part of their focus on LOHC.

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