CGG’s seismic data used for CO2 storage in Norway


Norway CGG has licensed its high-end Northern Viking Graben multi-client seismic data set in the Northern North Sea to Northern Lights JV DA, for use in its ongoing and future CO2 storage developments.

Northern Lights JV DA is the operator of the first industry-scale project for transport and storage of CO2 on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Following the success of its first data licensing in the expanding CO2 storage market, CGG will continue to expand its multi-client data library to support industry initiatives to identify and de-risk subsurface storage sites, as well as provide key information to estimate storage resources and help define efficient and safe monitoring solutions.

Northern Lights is building the world’s first cross-border open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure network in order to provide CO2 storage as a service to customers across Europe and aid in the transition to net zero emissions. Its goal is to assist industries in mitigating emissions that cannot be avoided in other ways, as well as to provide safe and permanent CO2 storage beneath the Norwegian seafloor.

Wim Raaijen
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