CEMEX implements new CCUS initiatives through its cement ops


Europe/US – Throughout its global cement operations, CEMEX is implementing a number of innovative Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) initiatives.

Three Front End Engineering (FEED) studies to scale CCUS technology at CEMEX factories in Germany, Poland, and the US are among the three new CCUS initiatives from CEMEX. The research are covered by a brand-new worldwide license contract with Leilac, a division of the Australian technology corporation Calix. Through the arrangement, Leilac’s highly effective direct separation technology can be used by CEMEX to capture CO2 at a low cost in its operations.

The projects include include a large-scale carbon capture system being developed at the Balcones Cement Plant of CEMEX in Texas through the US Department of Energy-funded FEED study in partnership with RTI International. A commercial-scale system capable of capturing 670,000 metric tons of CO2 annually with a carbon capture efficiency above 95% will be the subject of the study’s engineering design.

Additionally, it involves a collaboration with the premier international CCUS research organization TNO to work on one of the most thorough carbon capture, utilization, and storage studies in the sector. Eight CEMEX cement facilities from Europe, Mexico, and the US will be part of the project, which will concentrate on synergies and help the industry get closer to deploying CCUS at a large scale.

Future in Action

After current levers, relying on known and proven tactics, are utilized to the utmost extent, CCUS may be the last step toward achieving net-zero CO2. Several CCUS innovation initiatives are now being carried out by CEMEX with the goal of accelerating the development of new technologies and enabling the industrial deployment of existing ones. Current initiatives could prevent more than 3 million tons of carbon emissions annually in total.

With the main goal of achieving a net-zero CO2 corporation, Future in Action is CEMEX’s program to achieve sustainable excellence through climate action, circularity, and natural resource management. Through Future in Action, CEMEX has made unprecedented progress over the last 18 months in lowering its carbon footprint.