Canada gets world-scale carbon transportation and sequestration solution


Canada Pembina and TC Energy intend to collaborate on the development of a global carbon transportation and sequestration system that will be capable of carrying more than 20 million tonnes of CO2 yearly once completed.

The Alberta Carbon Grid represents the infrastructure platform needed for Alberta-based industries to effectively manage their emissions and contribute positively to Alberta’s lower-carbon economy, as well as create long-term value for Pembina and TC Energy stakeholders, by leveraging existing pipelines and a newly developed sequestration hub.

CCUS backbone

The ACG will be the backbone of Alberta’s emerging carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) industry, connecting the Fort McMurray region, the Alberta Industrial Heartland, and the Drayton Valley region to key sequestration locations and delivery points across the province, and serving multiple industries.

CCUS technology and infrastructure will be critical if Canada is to meet its expanded climate targets, which include a 40-45 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by 2030. Given their combined skills and broad network of pipeline infrastructure, Pembina and TC Energy are perfectly positioned to take a leadership role in CO2 transportation. ACG will pave the way for Canada to successfully meet its emissions reduction objectives as a hub-based infrastructure solution accessible to Alberta’s largest industrial emitters across industries. It will also serve as a tangible example of Pembina and TC Energy’s commitment to energy diversification, industry collaboration, and a lower carbon future.

Alberta Carbon Grid

ACG is designed to connect the province’s largest sources of industrial emissions to a sequestration location north-east of Red Deer through redeployment, retrofits using proven technology, recapitalization, and optimization of surplus capacity across our collective pipeline systems, including, subject to closing of the transaction, through Pembina’s proposed acquisition of Inter Pipeline.

Advancing ACG is an important step in both Pembina’s and TC Energy’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity across businesses while supporting emissions abatement across the industry.