carbon capture

C-Capture raises £8M for carbon capture technology


United Kingdom C-Capture has announced the completion of the £8 million funding round supported by current partners IP Group, Drax and bp Ventures, with additional funding from the UK Business Bank’s Future Fund.

The investment represents the faith of the C-Capture Board in C-Capture’s technologies and government funding for businesses that have the ability to help address the climate crisis.

Further optimization

Additional investment from shareholders helps C-Capture to further optimize its carbon capture technologies, boost efficiency and lower costs. The advantages of C-Capture’s technology over existing state-of-the-art carbon capture technologies will help to facilitate adoption across a wide variety of sectors. Securing this funding round helps their technical staff to truly concentrate on creating a solution that can transform the way the world feels about carbon capture.

Carbon capture is a crucial technology for the energy transition since, according to the Sustainable Development Scenario of the International Energy Agency (IEA), it will account for 7% of the total emissions reductions expected globally by 2040.

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