Baker Hughes - NET Power partnership to capture CO2

Baker Hughes – NET Power partnership to capture CO2


United States – Baker Hughes has formed a strategic partnership with NET Power in order to accelerate the technical and commercial deployment of NET Power’s low-cost electric power system, which produces no emissions and captures all carbon dioxide (CO2).

McDermott, Constellation, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures (OLCV), a subsidiary of Occidental, and 8 Rivers Capital are already part of the partnership, which brings together industry expertise to enable the global deployment of NET Power’s technology solution.

Baker Hughes will use its advanced technology to develop supercritical CO2 turboexpanders, as well as other critical pumping and compression technology for NET Power plants. Baker Hughes will also contribute its system integration and process knowledge to the partnership in order to speed up market deployment.

CO2 locked away

The growing demand for low-cost CO2 that can be sequestered or used in industrial processes, as well as global goals for net-zero carbon emissions, are creating the right market conditions for the adoption of clean and reliable energy generation. Natural gas and oxygen fuel a supercritical CO2 cycle that generates electricity while also capturing CO2 in NET Power’s technology. The clean power plants made possible by this technology will be highly efficient, producing only electricity, water, and pipeline-ready or sequestration-ready CO2 that will be permanently locked away from the atmosphere.

NET Power will license its technology to global customers seeking to decarbonize the energy and industrial sectors in order to quickly deploy this solution. NET Power’s zero-emission, flexible, and quickly-dispatchable energy can also help balance variable power sources such as solar and wind, allowing the world to decarbonize more quickly and at a lower cost. Baker Hughes joins NET Power as a key energy technology and services provider with advanced market-leading technology and scalability, helping to solidify the company’s commercial deployment path.