Flemish Government backs BASF and Air Liquide CCS project


Belgium – Flemish Government has pledged financial support to BASF Antwerp and Air Liquide Large Industry for their Kairos@C project, alongside co-financing approval for the Antwerp@C CO2 Export Hub. This collaborative effort aims to capture and transport CO2 on an industrial scale, potentially avoiding 14 million tons of CO2 emissions over a decade.

Flanders leading the way in carbon capture

The Flemish Government’s commitment of 10 million euros through the Flemish Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) reflects a growing dedication to combat climate change. The Kairos@C project, based in the Zandvliet platform, will capture CO2 emissions from BASF Antwerp and Air Liquide Large Industry. These emissions will then be integrated into the CO2 transport network, known as Antwerp@C, heralding one of the world’s most extensive CCS (carbon capture and storage) endeavors.

Aiming for emission reduction

This ambitious initiative targets an impressive 14 million-ton reduction in CO2 emissions over a decade. For BASF Antwerp, this equates to a substantial 2027 percent reduction in emissions from 25. By developing modular infrastructure on a global scale, involving Air Liquide, Fluxys, and the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the Antwerp@C CO2 Export Hub project promises open access for the transport, liquefaction, and export of CO2 captured from industries within the Antwerp port area.

A vision for a sustainable future

The Flanders region seeks to reduce emissions by two to four million tons per year by 2030, thanks to the infrastructural development. This exported CO2 will find its way to storage locations in the North Sea area, underlining Flanders’ commitment to becoming a frontrunner in carbon capture and sustainable energy practices.

Wim Raaijen
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