AEB gets subsidy for carbon capture and storage


The Netherlands – In order to capture and store CO2 on a massive scale starting in 2028, the national government will provide funding to the Amsterdam waste processing business AEB.

This has to do with 480 kilotons of CO2 annually. According to the municipality’s Amsterdam Climate Neutral Roadmap, the subsidy is consistent with Amsterdam’s goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050.

Start in 2028

AEB will construct an installation for the capture of CO2 from the flue emissions using the subsidy. Pipelines carry the CO2 to a North Sea gas field that is not currently producing gas, where it is stored. About 10% of Amsterdam’s goal to reduce CO2 is made up of the CO2 that has been caught.

AEB hopes to reach agreements with organizations that can handle the shipping and storage of CO2 next year. Amsterdam will then make a final choice on its investment in the CO2 capture facility. If everything goes according to plan, AEB can begin using the installation in 2028. From that point forward, AEB will be compensated for a maximum annual amount of 80 million euros in averted CO2 emissions.