ABS certifies Rotoboost pre-combustion carbon capture system

CCUS Hydrogen

Norway – A pioneering pre-combustion carbon capture system based on the thermocatalytic decomposition process (TCD) from Rotoboost, a global hydrogen firm with headquarters in Norway, has received New Technology Qualification (NTQ) certification from ABS.

Onboard marine vessels, Rotoboost’s TCD enables continuous hydrogen production and carbon collection. Using a liquid catalyst, the device transforms natural gas into hydrogen and solid carbon. The produced gas can be used in fuel cells, as a fuel additive in combustion engines, or as a fuel for gas-fired boilers. Depending on the heating method, the process can cut overall carbon emissions by up to 100%.

Hydrogen use

By trapping carbon in solid form prior to combustion, using hydrogen as a blend-in fuel promises to drastically minimize the methane slip from combustion engines and reduce particulate matter emissions.

In terms of comprehensive decarbonization and sustainability solutions, ABS is at the forefront of the maritime sector.

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