ABB and Captimise team up to reduce CCS cost


United Kingdom – In order to assist industrial CO2 emitters find the most effective and affordable way to incorporate CCS into their operations and stop the release of CO2, ABB and the CCS expert Captimise have teamed up.

The UK Government’s Industrial Decarbonization Strategy lists CCS as a key tool in achieving the goal of reducing industrial CO2 carbon emissions by at least 90% by 2050.

Screening study methodology

Over 25 real-world case studies with CO2 emitters from a variety of industries are part of Captimise’s 15 years of experience in Europe and the US. Together, they can now provide CO2 emitters with exceptional support as they make the switch to more environmentally friendly operations thanks to ABB’s breadth of expertise in the power, oil & gas, and chemicals sectors.

ABB and Captimise collaborate with operators to assess the alternative technologies and plant configurations available to achieve CCS while taking their larger business objectives into account. This is done through their screening study methodology. The most appropriate and cost-effective solutions can be found thanks to this and an approach that is independent of technology.

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