British supply chain materials for world’s largest carbon capture project


United KingdomDrax intends to acquire 80 percent of the construction materials and services required to deploy its climate-saving negative emissions technology bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) from the UK supply chain.

The 80 percent goal covers all construction materials required for the multi-billion pound project’s deployment, including steel, pipes, heat pumps, electricals, and insulation, as well as the support services required to complete such a massive project.

As a result, BECCS at Drax has the potential to award contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds to British enterprises. In addition, BECCS will protect and create over 10,000 jobs across the Humber, decarbonizing one of the UK’s most carbon-intensive regions as part of the East Coast Cluster, while creating green skills, launching new sectors, and helping to level up the North.

A formal public consultation on Drax’s BECCS proposals will take place in November, during which stakeholders, including surrounding communities, will be able to learn more about the planned project and submit feedback as part of the planning process.

Work on BECCS at Drax may begin as early as 2024, with the first BECCS unit operating in 2027 and a second in 2030, delivering the world’s largest carbon capture in power project and making a significant contribution to the UK’s decarbonisation ambitions.