Wärtsilä builds plant for climate-neutral Bio-LNG production


Germany – Wärtsilä will provide equipment for the world’s second-largest plant for liquefying bio- and synthetic methane from renewable energy sources to produce carbon-neutral transportation fuel.

It will have a capacity of approximately 63,000 tons of Bio-LNG per year when it is fully operational. The contract was won by REEFUELERY GmbH, a joint venture between Erdgas Südwest GmbH and avanca, a company that specializes in sustainable energy and logistics solutions.

Climate-neutral fuel

The plant will be built in Burghaun, Germany, near Fulda. Burghaun was chosen as the project’s preferred location because it has direct access to the MIDAL, one of Germany’s most powerful gas pipelines. The central location allows for optimal supply to the avanca group’s Alternoil filling stations.

Biomethane from municipal and agricultural waste materials will be used as a feedstock for the plant. The biomethane is then liquefied and delivered as the climate-neutral fuel REEFUEL to the Alternoil filling station network (Bio-LNG). During the first quarter of 2024, the plant is expected to be fully operational.