Spar Lynx completes biofuel-powered trial voyage


The Netherlands – On the bulk carrier Spar Lynx owned by Spar Shipping, Fleet Management Limited, and GoodFuels, a 10-day trial of 100% sustainable marine biofuel was completed.

During its port stop in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, the Spar Lynx was refueled with biofuel from GoodFuels before heading to the Turkish port of Icdas. The next-generation sustainable biofuel was produced using a range of feedstocks that were all confirmed to be 100% waste or residue, such as refined used cooking oil and animal waste fats.

Future fuel mix

The trial was the first bio-bunkering project undertaken by Fleet Management Limited, a partner in ship management with Spar Shipping. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are reduced by at least 75% when using the sustainable marine biofuel that GoodFuels provides. When compared to conventional fossil-based marine fuels, Spar Lynx experienced an 85 percent reduction in sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions during the voyage. Contrary to some industry assumptions, analysis and ongoing monitoring by Fleet Management using a NOx (nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide) meter provided by GoodFuels revealed that the NOx emissions did not increase at a higher speed when using biofuel.

The trial reaffirmed biofuels’ safety and technical viability for the fuel mix of the future. Fleet Management Limited performed a thorough examination of the Spar Lynx’s engine in advance of the trial to contrast the boat before and after sailing. The fact that there were no particulates or differences in engine performance after the trip shows that biofuel can be “dropped in” to existing vessels without requiring modifications to the tanks or engines.