Seanergy and NYK Line finalize biofuel trials on Capesize Vessel


Singapore – Seanergy Maritime Holdings has completed marine biofuel trials on one of the company’s Capesize Vessels in collaboration with NYK Line.

The biofuel is a 0.50 percent VLSFO blended at a 90 percent to 10% ratio with a waste-based and ISCC certified FAME component. The trials’ outcomes were assessed using advanced real-time monitoring instruments and artificial intelligence.

Biofuel reduces emissions

TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, a dedicated business unit in charge of worldwide bunkering activities at the port of Singapore, bunkered the 177,000 dwt capesize vessel with biofuel in Singapore while transporting cargo for the global mining company Anglo American.

During her two-way journey between Singapore and Saldanha Bay, South Africa, the biofuel was consumed. The trials showed that when compared to conventional marine fuel, the biofuel can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 10% and that it can be used safely in relevant marine applications without any modifications.