PACCOR to start manufacturing 100% Bio-PP


Germany PACCOR, a worldwide packaging leader, is preparing to manufacture 100 percent biobased polypropylene (Bio-PP) products for Orkla, a prominent provider of branded consumer goods to the Nordics’ grocery, out-of-home, specialized retail, pharmacy, and bakery sectors.

In accordance with PACCOR’s CARE strategy, the company improved and accelerated its decarbonization activities throughout the value chain.

PACCOR and Orkla began testing the 100 percent Bio-PP at PACCOR’s Finnish manufacturing facility in Hämeenlinna. The material is made entirely of renewable resources and adheres to the ISCC-certified mass balancing principle – a chemical industry standard for controlling and tracing the sustainability characteristics of circular and/or bio-based products throughout a complex value chain. Along with the site in Finland, PACCOR’s production facility in Ravensburg, Germany, is ISCC certified.

One of the first to make bio-PP products

PACCOR was one of the first manufacturers of rigid plastics to make bio-PP products. It is a completely recyclable transparent bowl for frozen ready meals in this example. PACCOR is now looking forward to offering its novel biocomposite to commercial partners worldwide following successful trial operations.

Wim Raaijen
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