Liqvis and EnviTec Biogas enter bio-LNG partnership

Liqvis and EnviTec Biogas enter bio-LNG partnership


GermanyLiqvis, a subsidiary of Uniper, and EnviTec Biogas have signed an agreement for the supply of bio-LNG.

EnviTec will start supplying Liqvis with bio-LNG from the third quarter of 2022. From autumn 2022, bio-LNG will be produced at the biogas plant in Güstrow. To date, this plant has been used for the production of biomethane and is now being converted to produce bio-LNG.

As the bio-LNG will be carbon-neutral, this will lead to a further significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared with conventional LNG. From October 2022 onwards, the bio-LNG will be available from Liqvis filling stations in Germany as an alternative fuel for the heavy goods vehicle sector.

Expanding Liqvis LNG infrastructure

Since 2017, Uniper subsidiary Liqvis has been running LNG filling stations. These stations are located near major transportation hubs that serve a high flow of heavy goods vehicles. To accommodate the growing demand for this alternative fuel, the company’s German LNG filling station infrastructure will be gradually expanded over the next few years. As part of this growth, new Liqvis stations will open in Bad Honnef, Ulm-Seligweiler, and Magdeburg this year.

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