Greenergy expands production biodiesel in Amsterdam


The Netherlands – Greenergy is increasing the production at its biodiesel plant in Amsterdam by over 25 percent. The pretreatment unit is also being upgraded so that it can process a wider range of waste oils into feedstock for the biodiesel plant. By 2023, Greenergy plans to put the additional capacity into use.

The plant in Amsterdam was originally built to process virgin vegetable oils but was subsequently not commissioned. In 2018, Greenergy acquired the plant from Oiltanking. The company converted the plant so that it could process used frying oils instead of vegetable oils. Biodiesel production could start in 2019.

Argent Energy

Biofuels producer Argent Energy is also expanding in the Amsterdam port area. Argent is quintupling its production capacity with the construction of two new lines. The company now produces 100,000 tons of biodiesel per year and is expanding this to 540,000 tons.

Wim Raaijen
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