Gevo to measure and verify biofuel carbon intensity


United States – Gevo and Google Cloud have entered into a partnership to monitor and verify the efficacy of next-generation biofuels across the supply chain using full lifecycle sustainability data tracking.

Using technology created by Verity Tracking (Verity), a branch of Gevo, the collaboration will allow users to track and verify emissions using Google Cloud datasets and analytics tools. The objective will be to assist businesses in developing a more data-driven strategy for comprehending and reducing global greenhouse gas intensity.

Emissions reduction

Google Cloud and Verity plan to collaborate on product-level engagements to meet market and customer requirements. Gevo and Verity anticipate providing measured verification of asset-level atmospheric emissions reductions, renewable energy-powered electricity for processing, and land-use changes with soil quality and water impacts to support Gevo’s smart agriculture and carbon intensity claims, from farm to flight.