First renewable hydrogen project based on food waste in UK

First renewable hydrogen project based on food waste in UK


United Kingdom BayoTech and IBMS Group will collaborate to create the UK’s first renewable hydrogen project, which will use biomethane from food waste as a feedstock.

The project will generate 1,000 kg of renewable hydrogen per day to power zero-emission automobiles in the UK’s London and Surrey regions. The alliance made its public debut to coincide with the introduction of the CBI’s ‘Seize the Moment’ effort and to highlight the role of cleantech in promoting economic growth as the UK recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing green fuel needs

This transatlantic collaboration brings together two companies dedicated to addressing the need for green fuel to decarbonize transportation and energy-intensive industries. Biomethane will be produced from food waste at IBMS’ multi-purpose eco-facility and then converted to renewable hydrogen utilizing BayoTech’s leading modular on-site hydrogen generation technology. The system is expected to be operational in the first half of 2022.

Carbon neutral to carbon negative

When compared to traditional production models and electrolyser systems, adopting a regional hydrogen production and distribution model lowers superfluous costs, storage, and transportation, resulting in a much reduced overall carbon footprint. Carbon capture will be implemented in later phases of the project to transition the project from carbon neutral to carbon negative. The combination of BayoTech’s technology with IBMS Group’s biomethane with carbon capture provides the most cost-effective, low-carbon hydrogen available.