First commercial agreement for fossil free fertilizers signed in Sweden


Sweden The first commercial agreement to bring fossil free fertilizers to market has been signed by Yara and Lantmännen.

It is critical to decarbonize the food chain and provide consumers with more sustainable food options that these green fertilizers are produced using renewable energy.

Green fertilizer commercial viability testing began in 2019 with Yara, a leading global fertilizer producer, and Lantmännen, northern Europe’s leading agricultural cooperative with operations from farm to fork, with a shared goal of realizing the world’s first fossil free food chain Yara and Lantmännen have signed a commercial agreement for the production and marketing of green fertilizers in Sweden beginning in 2023.

European hydropower and other renewable energy sources will be used in the production process instead of fossil fuels like natural gas to produce ammonia, the building block of mineral fertilizers. An 80 to 90 percent reduction in carbon footprint will result. Yara has a portfolio of green ammonia projects in Norway, the Netherlands, and Australia, and is actively working to expand its clean ammonia business.

Working together

One of Lantmännen’s goals is to become carbon neutral by using green fertilizers. Lantmännen’s Climate & Nature cultivation program will incorporate the fertilizers. The program encourages farmers to use more environmentally friendly methods of farming. As a part of the program’s expansion, green fertilizers from Yara are essential. Lantmännen will be able to create a fossil-free value chain – from field to fork – by combining the fertilizers with fossil-free fuels, transportation and precision farming.

With the help of crop nutrition solutions, innovative farming practices like hydroponics, and digital tools, Lantmännen and Yara are working together to reduce the carbon footprint of farming in a field.

Wim Raaijen
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