Enviva endorse Dutch govt’s motion for sustainably sourced biomass


The Netherlands – The Dutch Parliament passed a motion on sustainably sourced biomass in December 2022, and Enviva, a producer of sustainably produced woody biomass, has endorsed it in a statement.

It stated that it completely supports the idea that only sustainably sourced woody biomass should be eligible for financial assistance.

As a US producer and exporter of wood pellets, Enviva continued, it is essential to its operation that it abide by all laws and ordinances in the markets in which it operates, and the Netherlands is no different.

The statement continued by pointing out that the Dutch government is required under a resolution voted by the Dutch parliament in December 2022 to ensure that no subsidies are given to organizations that do not meet sustainability criteria through proper certification.

Enviva claimed that it is fully compliant with this sustainability criterion—which necessitates thorough independent monitoring and certification—and, as a result, doesn’t anticipate any negative economic effects.

Forest biomass benefit

A $1.7 trillion (€1.6 trillion) omnibus spending bill that President Joe Biden recently signed into law in the US recognizes forest bioenergy as a renewable energy source, declares it carbon neutral provided it does not result in the conversion of forests to non-forest use, and instructs federal agencies to “recognize the full benefits of the use of forest biomass for energy, conservation, and responsible forest management.”

With the passage of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, which uses investments and tax credits to encourage the deployment of wind, solar, and other renewable power sources, including sustainably sourced biomass, the legislation furthers the US government’s investment in and support for energy security and climate change resources.