Comstock and RenFuel propel joint biorefinery development


Sweden – Comstock has inked pivotal agreements with RenFuel K2B to propel the development of its first commercial biorefinery.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to utilize RenFuel’s patented catalytic esterification process for refining lignin, a byproduct of paper production, into a biointermediate. This intermediate substance will be further processed into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel. The overarching vision is to contribute to the decarbonization of the aviation industry and promote net-zero mobility.

The joint venture (JV), equipped with extensive preliminary engineering by RenFuel, envisions integrating the catalytic esterification process into a pulp and paper mill in Sweden. Comstock’s commercially available Cellulosic Ethanol and Bioleum derived fuels technologies play a crucial role in this integration. The ongoing assessment explores the potential addition of 25,000 tons per year (TPY) of biorefining capacity, leveraging Comstock’s expertise in the field.

Strategic investments

Comstock’s strategic investment of $3,000,000 in RenFuel underscores its commitment to advancing catalytic esterification technology. This senior secured convertible debt investment aims to support RenFuel’s technology development and the commercialization of joint applications that complement both companies’ technologies.

The Bioleum Hub concept not only signifies technological innovation but also underlines the shared commitment of Comstock and RenFuel towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Wim Raaijen
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