CEMEX invests in Waste to Energy Advanced Solutions


United Kingdom – Waste to Energy Advanced Solutions (WtEnergy), a renewable energy start-up that has created a novel method to convert solid waste into synthesis gas (Syngas) for industrial uses, has received investment from CEMEX.

WtEnergy transforms biomass and non-recyclable waste into a lower-carbon energy solution that may be utilized as a fossil fuel substitute in the short term or upgraded to gases like biomethane or pure hydrogen in the medium and long terms.

To further lessen its operations’ carbon impact, CEMEX plans to integrate this sustainable energy source into the production of cement and clinker. By 2030, CEMEX wants to boost its use of alternative fuels by 20 percentage points.

The investment

This investment is a component of CEMEX’s Future in Action program, which aims to create a more sustainable and circular future with the main goal of turning the company into a net-zero CO2 emitter. The corporation has cut CO2 emissions by record amounts since the introduction of Future in Action. A crucial element of the curriculum is innovation.

The Science-Based Targets program has verified CEMEX’s ambitious 2030 decarbonization roadmap for alignment under their new 1.5oC scenario, the most ambitious path identified for the sector. Alternative fuels represent a key lever in this roadmap. Utilizing alternative fuels with a high biomass content is one of the major levers for attaining its goals.

Wim Raaijen
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