Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund launched


Belgium – Capricorn Partners has launched the Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund to finance early-stage businesses that are developing innovative biotechnology-based products and services in response to the rising demand for sustainable products.

DSM, InnovationQuarter (the Dutch government’s regional development organization for the Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan area), and Capricorn Partners have collaborated to create the Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund. To better connect the Biotech Campus Delft to other centres of excellence in Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, the founding partners hope to establish a fund.

The transition to a Net Zero Carbon, Circular Society relies heavily on industrial biotechnology. Recent developments in bio-engineering, AI, process technology, and the increasing legislative push for low carbon industry will propel this sector to tremendous growth over the next few decades. Sustainable options for food and feed components, chemicals and intermediates, sophisticated materials, and energy will be made available thanks to industrial biotechnology.

Raising capital

The early stages of the technological lifecycle in industrial biotechnology are optimal for raising capital from investors. The Benelux and other nations in North-West Europe have a particularly strong presence in the development of promising technologies at universities and technology centers. The Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund provides seed capital to promising companies in the industrial biotechnology sector.