Ambitions Chemelot a little clearer

Biobased Chemcycling Hydrogen

The Netherlands – The companies at Chemelot chemical park are working together to be climate neutral by 2050, or sooner. At EIES2021 the contours became a little clearer again. Watch the video compilation.

The parties at the chemical complex in the south of the Netherlands even want to be the first cluster in Europe to have zero impact on the climate. And the contours are becoming ever clearer. During the talk show at European Industry and Energy 2021, various innovations passed by.


And they can also reinforce each other. For example, hydrogen that energy company RWE wants to produce at Chemelot from organic waste streams can serve various purposes. Fertilizer manufacturer OCI Nitrogen, for example, can use it to make its production greener. The start-up Deep Branche is also interested in the hydrogen. From CO2 and hydrogen it can make high-grade protein for food and nutrition. Chemical producer Sabic, too, will soon need hydrogen for recycling plastic waste.


EIES2022 will take place on 29 and 30 November at Brightlands Chemelot Campus.